All of our tarpon charters are custom tailored for each individual angler or groups of anglers.  So we can fit the needs and expectations of each fisherman.  The rates vary from number of angler and length of the trip.

Our rates are the same for 1 to 4 people we charge extra for a 5th or 6th person.  The max is 6 anglers per boat.

The only thing our customers need to bring is whatever they prefer to eat and drink.  All ice, licenses, tackle, and bait is provided.

Dress appropriately its hot and sunny during tarpon season.  Regardless of the time of year always bring sunglass, hat, sunscreen, and shoes!  Sandals are Not very stable for fighting tarpon.

We offer half, three quarter or full days for tarpon fishing.  Although the tarpons patterns change they feed continuously throughout the whole day.

Call (941)-447-9888, email us at, or fill out this form to book your charter now!